About Ming Ching
*Ming Ching Trade
Ming Ching Trade .,Ltd Has been established for 65 years of history,To supply industrial chemicals mainly,Currently employs about 30 people,Capital amounted to NT $ 32 million,The main market is in Asia, are set up subsidiaries and offices in local and abroad.
*Principle of good faith
At the beginning of start-up companies in good faith, and gradually gained in Taiwan's industrial markets preliminary results. Acting Company products up to fifty Several products are widely used in various fields of rubber, plastics, paint industry and other buildings, the quality of living in the leading position in Asia, certainly by domestic and foreign customers and vendors. Even in the face of fierce market competition, the company is still quality as the first priority, insist on providing the best service.
*Enterprise Competitiveness
To enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, companies build information systems, flexible use of company resources and create a win-win situation for companies and customers. Founded on years of deep plowing, successfully mastered the sales experience and excellent start into the Asian market in recent years, continued to focus on the Southeast Asian market, has been a considerable harvest in 2007 was awarded the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Foreign Trade ", Taipei export 60 events manufacturers ".
*Sustainable management
The future will continue to strengthen in line with the global science and technology, the introduction of materials and information systems in order to create greater chemicals cause revenue. Looking ahead, the company will continue to pursue all aspects of growth, in response to the globalization of trade and the challenges of diversification, and uphold the pragmatic spirit of good faith, in addition to the existing market more sophisticated, more grasp market trends, develop new products, in order to reach higher goals, Ming ching company to shoulder social responsibility, attention to business continuity and development, expectations roots thrive in Taiwan, Asia continued to stand on the international stage to shine.