A method of increasing the softness of the material or the material liquefied additive. Add object contains plastic, concrete, drywall materials, cement and gypsum and so on. A plasticizer is often used with the different objects, but the effect is often not the same. The plasticizer range up to hundreds of species, each with different characteristics and uses.

Products scientific
Chlorinated paraffin
Applicable products :
cutting oil; PVC (increased plastic); metal processing oil-very pressure anti-mill agent; industrial paint (anti-corrosion); rubber (flame retardant); single group copies PU sent bubble agent (increased plastic, flame retardant); sealed glue (flame retardant, increased plastic); viscose agent (increased plastic); no carbon copy paper (increased plastic); not saturated resin (flame retardant)
Function & features :
on metal corrosion sex is small, hot stability good, low smell, shallow color, does not to metal coloring (containing nonferrous metals), in oil pool in the not by bacteria attack, oil dissolved sex good, can emulsion, chemical neutral, easy processing, and other additives compatible, and and other very pressure additives tie keep wide temperature range of very pressure activity, in cutting processing in the more sulfide additives provides more low of friction coefficient
Scope of application:
rubber manufacturing industries; plastic manufacturing chemical products petroleum and coal products manufacturing