A method of increasing the softness of the material or the material liquefied additive. Add object contains plastic, concrete, drywall materials, cement and gypsum and so on. A plasticizer is often used with the different objects, but the effect is often not the same. The plasticizer range up to hundreds of species, each with different characteristics and uses.

Products scientific
Di(2-Propyl Heptyl) Phthalate
Applicable products :
rubber tapes, automotive rubber, wire and cable, shoe soles and drape.
Function & features :
mainly used in PVC and PVC copolymers for general purposes, apply heat aging properties of PVC products with excellent electrical properties, used in 70~90du coating and insulation of the wires.
Scope of application:
plastics manufacturing, rubber manufacturing power equipment manufacturing industry.
Appearance (Visual) transparent colorless or pale yellow liquid
Smell Odour mild taste
Boiling point/boiling range 251℃~254℃( 7 mbar)
Flash point 220℃(closed cup)
Autoignition temperature 345℃
Density 0.960-0.970g/cm3