A method of increasing the softness of the material or the material liquefied additive. Add object contains plastic, concrete, drywall materials, cement and gypsum and so on. A plasticizer is often used with the different objects, but the effect is often not the same. The plasticizer range up to hundreds of species, each with different characteristics and uses.

Applicable products :
PVC high efficiency products, the high-wire and cable, electrical tape gas pipe rubber tape; leather pad for freezers and vehicles. In contact with food include packaging film beverage hose; dairy products machinery and Cap gasket.
Function & features :
this product is compatible with PVC well, high efficiency of plastic, are of a plasticizer. Excellent migration resistance, high temperature resistance, ageing resistance, high volatility, oil resistance, solvent resistance pulled out, electrical insulation, improved grades and levels of PVC, rubber and plastic products. Non-phthalate polyester plasticizers, low viscosity, good compatibility with PVC processing performance.
Scope of application:
electrical equipment manufacturing, rubber manufacturing, plastic manufacturing; leather, fur and related products manufacturing industry.
Appearance (Visual) liquid, transparent to light, oily
Smell Odor odorless
Flash point 278℃(closed cup)
Viscosity (CPS) 2000~3000(25℃)
Density 1.06 ~ 1.10 (25℃)