*heat stabilizer

Is the second largest amount after the main lead salt stabilizer, thermal stability, though not lead salt, but both lubrication, metal soaps are generally not used alone, often between metallic soaps or lead salt and organic tin and use. In addition to cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb) are toxic outside, except for lead (Pb), calcium (Ca) and outside transparent, non-sulfide pollution, which is widely used in soft PVC, such as the non-toxic type, transparent type products.

Barium stearate
Applicable products :
soft transparent sheet, rubber; pledge of hard and soft, injection products rigid plates, tubes, wire, wave Board; sulfide contamination-resistant products lubricants, high pressure die-reducing agent.
Function & features :
transparent with antipsychotic drugs, excellent sliding, Cd, and Pb stabilizer, multiplying effect is excellent, excellent electrical insulation, free from pollutants, good printing.
Scope of application:
rubber manufacturing industries; plastic manufacturing chemical products