Colored powdery substance used. Not dissolved in the water, oil, resin, organic solvent medium, but it can be uniformly dispersed in the coloring medium and allows the medium, but with a certain opacity.

Iron oxide
Applicable products :
cosmetics, paints, rubber, plastics building grinding materials, precision metal instruments, glass, enamel, stationery, leather, magnetic alloys and high-alloy steels and magnetic materials
Function & features :
used in paint, rubber, plastics, construction and color, are inorganic pigments, used as antirust pigments in paint industry. Used as a colorant of rubber, artificial marble, terrazzo, plastic, asbestos, leatherette, leather wipe paste colorants and auxiliaries, polishes and manufacturing of precision instruments, optical glass components of magnetic ferrite materials.
Scope of application:
computers, electronics and optical products manufacturing, rubber manufacturing, plastic manufacturing; non-metallic mineral products manufacturing leather, fur and related products manufacturing chemical products, metal manufacturing