Rheological additive is a thickening agent, not only thicken the paint to prevent sagging under its construction, but also can impart excellent mechanical properties and paint storage stability. For low viscosity water-based paint, it is very important class of additives
Methyl cellulose (MC)
Applicable products :
for joint of cement, mortar, cement and mixture; cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, adhesives used as film forming agent in the food industry; resin dispersion, coating film agent, thickening agent, building materials, adhesives, textile sizing agents, drug and food industry as film forming agent
Function & features :
resistant to acids, alkalis and microorganism and heat effect in the human body, completely changed and excreted out of the body, the products are widely used in the construction industry, medical industry, the food industry ... , Which are mainly used as thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, dispersants and binders ... And so on
Scope of application:
pharmaceutical and chemical products, non-metallic mineral products industry, food industry, chemical industry